Store-bought feed and pasture grasses

The drought in Texas has been brutal. Our normally hardscrabble soil was hard-pressed to keep anything alive last Summer. We’re experiencing a reprieve at the moment – lots of Fall through Spring rains – that I’m hoping will continue. The rain is bringing about not only a gorgeous wildflower season, but also helping tremendously with our watering needs in both the orchard and the new grazing pasture.

Our chickens, ducks and geese have always had free run of the entire property, with the chickens fed a locally-produced organic layer ration along with additional greens and kitchen scraps. (Our geese & ducks are fed additional greens with a specialized duck & goose chow, but unfortunately, I’ve yet to find an organic option).

The recent development of pasture grasses and fruiting plants for their specific grazing pleasure, however, has turned their eggs from excellent to amazing .

Pic: Chicken yolk color compared to an orange.

Recent photo comparing yolk color to an orange.

The chicken-egg yolks have turned from a deep yellow to a rich orange color. Although there is no proof of nutritional differences based on yolk color, there is a growing body of evidence pointing out that pasture-raised eggs are more nutritious than eggs from caged birds. For our customers, however, the biggest draw is taste.

If you have eggs from pasture-raised birds, do yourself a favor and make something to highlight their great taste beyond the usual scramble or over-easy breakfast. Try pasta carbonara – a tasty mix of pasta, cheese, eggs & crumbled bacon. Add cooked spinach or asparagus for more nutrition. Or try your hand at homemade mayonnaise. If you have food processor, making mayonnaise is a breeze. And then pat yourself on the back for supporting better feed and working conditions for our egg-laying friends!

[Don’t have access to MV Farm eggs? Check out your closest CSA or Farmer’s Market. The vast majority of local producers are happy to talk specifics about their chickens. If a Farmer’s Market is not accessible, ask if your grocery manager can order eggs from Vital Farms, who not only pasture-raise their hens, but work to ensure humane conditions as well.]


That’s Frau, our lead hen, on the header picture. Welcome to our farm site, where we will post occasionally on milestones and major happenings.